Terms & conditions

1. Information about supplier

E-shop baltyre.com is running by:

BALTYRE Ltd., Slatinská 1710, 018 61 Beluša, registered in Business Register, District Court Trenčín, Insert no.: 12164/R, Identification number /IČO/: 36313947, Identificatiion number VAT: SK2020110246.

2. Agreed parties


BALTYRE Ltd., Slatinská 1710, 018 61 Beluša, registered in Business Register, District Court Trenčín, Insert no.: 12164/R, Identification number  /IČO/: 36313947, Identification number VAT: SK2020110246


Natural person or Legal body who obligatorily orders the goods and who properly and truly shows needful data for identification as it is required in Trading Terms.

3. Sales agreement


The order sent to the seller is considering to be a proposal for conclusion of an agreement as amended by Act no.  §43a of Civil Code. The buyer has a right to disclaim or cancel a proposal for conclusion of an agreement or cancel it only in a way mentioned in this clause.

After receiving an order the seller will confirm it by phone or e-mail whereby it comes to an acceptance of proposal as amended by Act no. § 43c of Civil Code and then to conclusion of remotely agreement. On the base of seller´s  binding confirmation of order there will be sent information about it to buyer´s e-mail address. It will be mainly information about the way and terms of delivery. In case of need  there will be sent any other information about your order to your e-mail address. 

Automatic notice of receipt of an order to the seller´s electronic system which will be sent to buyer´s e-mail address after sending the order is not considering to be a binding confirmation of order.

Catalogue of goods in e-shop running by seller is a catalogue of usually delivered goods and the seller does not guaranty immediate availability of all mentioned goods.

Availabitly of goods will be confirmed to buyer upon receipt of order or questions will be answerd by e-mail or by phone.

4. Assortment

Internet´s wholesale baltyre.com offers tyres of producers with whom Baltyre Ltd. concluded sole agency agreements for agreed markets.

5. Price

Prices of goods and services are quoted with current VAT. Action prices and sellout are valid during publishing in offer or till the end of capacity. Seller has a right to offer additional discounts which are mentioned with selected products in website or discounts on the base of wholesale cooperation.

In case the ordered goods is neither available in stock or in producers the seller can offer goods from alternative supplier. The buyer must be informed about this matter and potential changes in purchasing price in advance and an offered alternative must confirmed. 

6. The way of ordering goods and conclusion of an agreement

By purchasing of goods or offered services the buyer will fill in the quantity and confirm it with button "buy". The goods will be put into the cart and consequently the buyer may decide if he wants to close the purchase /fill in enclosed form/ or will continue purchasing. The buyer orders goods or makes the remote agreement with the seller electronically by sending of filled in ordering form or by phone. In both cases the buyer is obliged to mention following data in ordering form or verbally to identify him /type, quantity and price with VAT, first and last name, if the buyer is legal body it is necessary to mention: the name of the company, company registration number, VAT number, invoicing address, delivery address, phone and e-mail contacts.

7. Delivery time

There is mentioned stock level in every goods. In case the goods is in stock the seller will dispatch it immediately. In case the goods is not in stock the seller can extend the delivery time repetitively together with substitutive delivery time about what the buyer will be informed by phone or e-mail.  

8. Delivery terms

The seller will inform the buyer about delivery terms by confirming the order. The dispatches are sent to buyer within 7 working days at the latest from the date of confirming the order by the seller. The seller will meet the demands by giving the goods to carrier´s hands. Transport cost is included in price but only for contracted wholesale business partners of Baltyre Ltd. who buy goods through the regular company distribution. Transport cost is not included in price in case of other ways of delivery. 

9. Pick up goods from carrier 

The buyer is obliged to check over the goods when taking it and if there are visible damages of packing eventually visible inner damages or losses of some parts of goods he has to claim this damage or losses immediately when taking it from the courier service. The claim letter about the amount of damage or partial loss must be written immediately. The carrier is obliged to write claim letter. The buyer is obliged to allow the carrier to check the amount of damage by himself before the claim letter will be written. 

Further handling with damaged package must be done accordance with carrier instructions. If the damage or partial loss is not visible when buyer is taking the goods from carrier the buyer is obliged to inform the seller about the damage without any delay within 2 working days after the package has been delivered. The later claims of the mentioned type will not be possible to accept!

10. Payment terms

The buyer is obliged to pay in cash by delivery of goods if there is no other agreed form of payment. Charges for cash on delivery and packing is for free. If the volume of ordered goods is more then 1 000 € (30 126 SK) with VAT the seller has the right to require the advance payment in amount of 50% of purchasing price. The seller will send the buyer invoice in electronic form to e-mail address mentioned in order within 1 day after sending the goods. According the Act no. 431/2002 on Accounting  from June 18th 2002 §32 "Verifiability of accounting records" is such a document regarded as a full-value tax document. The invoice is also a warranty certificate.

11. Withdraw from an agreement by customers

If the buyer is natural person - user, sales agreement has a character of consumer agreement which was concluded by using remote means of communication. As amended by  §12 no. 108/2000 Codex the buyer has a right to withdraw from an agreement without any reason within 7 working days from taking goods. Withdraw from an agreement must be done in writing and sending to e-mail addressinfo@baltyre.com and must have all data to identify goods, sellers and buyers and must be delivered in above mentioned period together with goods to the seller´s stock at buyer´s expense.

The buyer has the right to unpack and try the goods. To try does not mean to start using it and returning to the seller after couple of days.In case you want to return the goods pls send  back to the seller´s stock address unused, undamaged and complete goods with the bill of purchase. The user bears the direct cost rises from returning the goods. By meeting all above obligations for returning goods we transfer money to your account in period stipulated by law, within 15 days.

In accordance with § 12 clause 5 above mentioned law the consumer can not withdraw from the agreement because of following subjects: 

a) delivering services, if the service starts running with customer´s acceptance before the expiration of period for withdraw from an agreement 

b) sale of the goods produced according special customer requirements or goods designed for specific customer or goods which can not be returned because of its qualities.  

12. Cancellation of an order

If buyer wishes to cancel the order of goods which has not been delivered yet the buyer should contact the seller with number of order by phone or e-mail as soon as possible. The seller has a right to cancel an order for goods which he will not be able to deliver because of sold out or which he will not be able to deliver in time set in these trading terms, or in price listed in e-shop, if the seller does not make any agreement with buyer about alternate executing of agreement. The seller will inform the buyer about cancellation of order by phone or by e-mail.

In case that buyer has already paid  part or total buying price for cancelled order the paid amount is refunded him within 7 working days from order cancellation by transfering to his account.

13. Guarantee and warranty conditions

For all goods bought in baltyre.com e-shop the seller gives the warranty period for 24 months according to law. The warranty period starts running from the date of taking goods by the buyer. If the defect was caused by mechanical damage, running or by improper storage or by using of products at variance with service instructions the warranty ceases to exist. Warranty does not cover ordinary wearing of goods /or its parts/ caused by using. Shorter product life can not be consider to be a defect and can not be claimed too.

Liability for damages passes to the buyer in the moment of taking the goods from the carrier. The buyer has to claim defects which can not be recognized when taking the goods and which are covered by warranty in writing till the last day of warranted period at the very latest. The buyer has a right to ask for removal of defects in case if it is possible or to ask for adequate price discount. If it is impossible to remove defects the buyer has a right to change defective goods or to return money from the seller.

The buyer must inform the seller about incomplete delivery or damaged goods within 2 working days from the date of taking the delivery to e-mail address info@baltyre.com or during weekdays by phone on +421-42 4634300. Later sent claims of incomplete delivery or mechanical damage do not have to be accepted.

If the buyer wants to complaint of bought goods he contacts the seller in advance in info@baltyre.com or by phone  during weekdays on +421-42 4634300. In case of claim the buyer must send invoice which is also the claim letter in electronic or printed form and to deliver goods together with completed claim letter in seller´s stock address. The seller does not revoke the cash on delivery goods. It is recommended to cover the goods by insurance.  After receiving of goods with bill of purchase and claim letter in writing the seller will inform the buyer about the result of complaint procedure by phone or e-mail till the 30 days at the very latest.  .

14. Protection of personal data

The buyer and the seller agreed that if the buyer is a natural person he must inform the seller about first and last name, invoice address with post code, delivery address with post code /if it is different than invoice address/, permanent address with post code in case the goods is ordered on hire, phone number and e-mail address.

The buyer and the seller agreed that if the buyer is a legal person or self-employed he must inform the seller about the business name, company address with post code, delivery address with post code /if it is different than company address/, company registration number, VAT no., phone number and e-mail address.

The buyer declares that he agrees with Act no. 428/2002 on Protection of personal data as amended so that the seller can process and save his personal data almost those which are mentioned above and/or which are important for seller´s activities and are processing in all his information systems.

The buyer gives the seller this permission for an indefinite period of time. The buyer may cancel the acceptance with processing of personal data at any time in writing. The acceptance ceases to exist within 1 month from the date of cancellation delivery to the seller and the data will be consequently deleted.

The buyer can check his personal data at any time and can draw seller´s attention to change, correct or update them.

The seller baltyre.com respects your privacy and commits to use your data only for making and executing agreement on the base of seller´s stipulated business conditions. Processing data will not be disclosed, made accesible and given to third party.

15. Final provisions 

The buyer declares to be familiar with these business terms and agrees with them before fill in the order.